The #1 Cloud-Based Platform in the World, configured specifically for transactional attorneys.

Tailored solutions for sophisticated transactions.

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Leverage the Powerful Data Insights of Salesforce.

From indemnification caps and baskets to total deal value, Project Fortress allows you to generate your own deal studies at the click of a button. Take control of your transaction data and bring greater transparency to deal points.

Project Fortress is a cloud-based CRM platform for transaction attorneys. It also provides first-of-its-kind access to law-firm clients, allowing them to follow along with each workstream relating to the transaction.

Capitalize on Integration.

Project Fortress™ recognizes that transactional law is about more than just closing the deal. With the Fortress Integration Tracker™, you can effectively manage and counsel the integration of clients' operations post-closing, maximizing the transaction's value.

The Client Portal gives clients unparalleled access to implementation strategies. Business leads can directly execute integration tactics within the deal itself, ensuring smooth and efficient post-closing operations.

By fostering a stronger connection between legal counsel and their clients, Project Fortress™ empowers law firms to provide maximum value.

Safeguard all your sensitive transaction data in a Fortress.

Harness the same technology that NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense rely on to safeguard proprietary information, Salesforce’s two-factor authentication, data encryption, user-level permissions, and physically secure data centers.

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