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Focus on What Matters.

The Fortress Platform™ uses a digital "magnifying glass" to help your transaction team identify the legal risks most likely to affect your coverage. Together, Project Fortress and our experienced team of M&A insurance analysts have created a process tailor-made to getting you the best RWI policy available for your deal.

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The "Safe Driver App" of Transactional Risk Insurance

Project Fortress™ is the RWI counterpart to the auto-industry's Safe Driver App. Powered by Salesforce, it lives inside the transaction and tailors insurance solutions to the risk profiles of the particular deal. By analyzing transactional data, including financial performance, regulatory compliance, and legal documentation, our platform provides valuable insights for accurate risk assessment and customized coverage options, which means better quotes and fewer claims.

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Cut Through the Noise

We use Project Fortress™ dashboards and diligence trackers to hone in on the most common types of policy exclusions, as well as the reps and warranties that are most likely to be the subject of a claim payment after closing.

This allows us to cut through the noise and focus on diligence items that matter most to the underwriter, which means better policies with fewer loss claims.